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Bex & Cesar

are getting married


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Dear Friends and Family

Finally the day has come in which we have a date to celebrate our marriage.

Unfortunately due to the present circumstances around the pandemic with the Covid-19, we have decided to make the event a virtual one, and its still important to us to share with all of you our big day and our happiness. 

Our dear friend Andrés has gifted us this website to assist in sharing all the information regarding our wedding. 

  • Aug 2017

    We Met

    What are the odds? Rebbeca born in South Africa and Cesar born in Mexico and they end up meeting and getting together in Dubai!

  • Nov 2017

    Started Dating

    We started dating while working together in Dubai as professional Falconers.

  • May 2020



    We got engaged in Mexico while on a Fly Fishing trip! A passion we both share!

  • Apr 2021

    Getting Married

    Due to the situation and to make things simple we’ve arranged for 2 ways to attend to our virtual event. The main app and live stream will be on a private Facebook group, but for those that dont have a Facebook account we will have a Zoom meeting available aswell.
    We are looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Ceremony & Reception





Wedding Countdown

We Are Getting Married!

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Mexico City Time UTC -5 HOURS

ID: 891 1707 5540
Access Code: 120478

Are You Attending

We would love to have you at our wedding. 

Find the links below to join us virtually.

ID: 891 1707 5540
Access Code: 120478

We would be very thankful if you could send us some love…

We know these are difficult times for everyone.




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César Ibarra Martín del Campo

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